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Mike's Pole Barns


The measurements used for success at Mike's Pole Barns, LLC are simple: Professionalism, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

From the initial contact to the final screw put into the building, the customer will be treated with the utmost respect. We are here for you and want to build your dream project!

Mike's Pole Barns

Mikes Pole Barns Services

The decision to build a post frame building with steel siding and roofing is simple: steel will last longer, the post frame method costs less and is easier to erect!
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Mike's Pole Barns will take care of:
Site analysis, obtain the permit, minor site prep, concrete pouring/finishing, erect the building, install the windows, hang man doors, hang overhead doors, and install insulation.
Custom Standard Features:
6"x6" .60 Pressure treated posts  
Engineered Trusses 20 colors of metal & trim
Purlins fastened by Joist Hangars 3' Wide 29 gauge metal
MBI (insulation) under the roof area Steel Overhead & Man doors
2"x6" Fir & Larch wall girders Base trim under wall metal



Mikes Pole Barns

Mike H. Winroth, Owner Shawn Wilks, Manager
ID license #: RCE-35508


Located at 250 13th Street, Clarkston, WA | Map

Monday through Friday
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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